No, you should not already know this

I hear this several times per week followed by a technical question: “I should know this, but…”

When your Mac or your iPhone is giving you grief, impeding the work you’re trying to do, or acting up; it’s extremely frustrating.

Even worse is when it seems like what you’re trying to do should be simple — and you knew how to do it — but now it’s not working. You feel like you should know how to solve this! 

“It’s simple!” they advertise. “It’s intuitive!” they proclaim.


Everything grinds to a halt and you’re mired in techno-quicksand for several minutes… or even hours.

Maybe technology used to be simpler in past years, or maybe the work you were doing back then kept you more engaged in the technical world. Now, you have much more important work to do! Further, while you are busier with work that is more important, the world around you has invented ten new categories of gadgets and fifteen different clouds.

You would probably want the same photos you see on your Mac to show up on your AppleTV downstairs, right? Maybe you would want the same text messages that you sent from your iPhone to show up on your Mac and iPad? You would certainly want to have quick access to your Word documents from any device.

While these may be simple things to ask for — and simple to enjoy once setup — getting there can be a huge pain in the ass without professional help.

No, you should not already know how to solve and troubleshoot these issues. Cut yourself some slack and get a pro in there so you can get back to sipping lattes and creating the lifestyle you want.